What Is SIGMA Technology?

Chiropractic Notre Dame and Sigma Instruments

Sigma Instruments uses cutting-edge technology, assisting the chiropractor with both analysis and treatment. It is one of the most sophisticated treatment modalities available.

Sigma’s analytic software allows the chiropractor to objectively measure several components of spinal function in order to evaluate and treat your musculoskeletal system. The software both analyzes and treats, using a percussion instrument with variable frequencies, thus customizing the treatment for optimum results.

How Does It Work?

When the equipment is in analysis mode, the chiropractor evaluates the flexibility of the joints of the patient’s vertebral column. As results appear on the screen, the chiropractor determines which articulations are stiff and need to be treated. Once the analysis is complete, the chiropractor selects the treatment software which is designed to improve function, using an instrument that delivers multiple percussions of variable frequency (speed) to each targeted area. The instrument is calibrated to give just the right number of percussions necessary for each articulation treated. In personalizing the different parameters of the equipment’s dynamic frequency (speed), and the force of the percussions, the chiropractor is able to offer a unique treatment that is adapted to the specific needs of each patient.

How Does This Technique Differ From Manual Chiropractic Treatment?

This chiropractic adjustment method uses a computer-assisted instrument to address spinal joint dysfunction, instead of the hands. The technology assists the chiropractor in evaluating and treating articular and muscular dysfunction. Its purpose is not to replace the chiropractor’s judgment, but rather to guide treatment decisions to best respond to each patient’s needs.

Is The Device Approved By Health Canada?

Yes. The Sigma Instrument is recognized and approved by Health Canada. Consult Health Canada’s website for a list of approved devices.

Sigma Instrument